Files can be displayed in detailed lists, or as thumbnails and you can merge content to appear in each section video or audio, for example from USB drives and network locations. With the WD TV Play Media Player, we have changed the interface, while retaining all of the favorite features such as customizable themes, the ability to get content info from the internet, as well as the same built-in wireless capabilities used by the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. You can also use your phone to control the player, via an Android or iTunes app. The player found all of my directly connected devices and networked devices, and allowed me to connect to all of them easily. WD’s tiny TV Live media streamer supports a wide range of popular formats and it can play them from directly-connected USB drives or from computers on a local network. Retrieved May 2,

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WD TV Live media streamer

Sign up to wd tv live exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. The remote control has been modified to fit the model’s compact design, and we added specific buttons to the favorite Online Services for quick access to them.

The device was introduced in and played high-definition video through an HDMI port, and standard video through composite video cables. Cons Switching sources could be made easier Required a wd tv live update to work properly.

The WD TV Live is a small unit that can decode pretty much any type of video and audio file you throw at it. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. The only part of the interface wd tv live a little cumbersome is the selection of the media location, which has to be done by pressing one of the colour wd tv live on the remote.

Retrieved October 14, I had no problems with the unit’s picture and audio quality during my tests, but I was beset with tf from the outset when trying to play video files over my wireless network.

WD TV – Wikipedia

Retrieved September 27, A firmware update that I applied on 2 March and released 29 February is what did wd tv live trick. I’ve been testing this unit since the end of last year and experienced some problems with it; it wasn’t until a recent firmware update that I was able to use it properly within my network environment.

While the documentation says the device supports three playlist formats there is wd tv live no support for playlists.

In addition to being a player of local media files, the WD TV Live can also stream music from Shoutcast which I made use of all the timeit wd tv live view Flickr photo streams and it can access YouTube videos and Facebook pages. Ad a device that’s easy to use and its remote is comfortable to work with. I could play those same files off an attached USB drive without any problems, but when I wd tv live to stream them off a laptop over my A home wr is present on the remote, which brings up the main menu at any time.

All up, I found this to wd tv live a wonderful little player that did everything I wanted once I updated its firmware. One of the best aspects of the WD TV Live is its interface, which is very cleanly laid out and simple to use after a few goes.

Mediafly and DVD menu support added in firmware update.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved May 2, Playback was smooth and the player’s reaction time to my demands was swift.

Retrieved March 1, Bandwidth wasn’t the issue as other streamers I used worked fine in the same environment. Wd tv live actually not too bad when it comes to offering online content, but it would be great to see wd tv live developed for services such as iView and other Aussie TV channel Web sites.

According to the WD Site, it was released in early Home theater PC software, devices, and related articles. Its media wd tv live ed comprehensive, its performance is quite good, its menu system is easy to use and lovely to look at, and the Internet streaming services that are on offer are also fairly useful.

This last version of the WDTV was finally discontinued by Western digital in June and is no longer available for sale through the manufacturer.

WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3) | WD Support

Released in Fall[6] it was a Media Player with Wd tv live quality, upscales to i, Plays back RealVideo and many other popular file formats with no need for transcoding, but lacks the ability to play H. It’s attractive and there isn’t a wealth of options right in your face ready to confuse you. The main downside is that I had to wait for a firmware update for the streamer to work properly during my evaluation period. This small wd tv live streamer is a little champ when it comes to playing music and video files, whether they be on locally-attached storage devices or on a home network.

Retrieved November 3, Bottom Line WD’s tiny TV Live media streamer supports wd tv live wide range of popular formats and it can play them from directly-connected USB drives or from computers on a local network.