I got this about a year ago because it seemed like a good idea, and it is. This product is no longer manufactured. This card is designed for a Medium to a Large Form Case. Went to the web and found a forum discussing the LT. So external phantom power should do the trick. In general recording it can record a full band out often a main mixers bus or multi channel out straight to the p.

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But has a very clean look to it and fits in my rack perfectly. You mind as well get the M-Audio Profire or the FastTrack Ultra 8R newer technology for about the same price — m audio delta 1010lt why I only gave it five stars for “bang-for-the-buck”. I’ve had no sync issues with MTC or Wordclock.

Most Liked Positive Review. I’ve used mine for live recordings of bands around Austin, TX with its zero latency monitoring.

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By all accounts, this driver card is a virtual studio that can support several different inputs, such as a mixer, M audio delta 1010lt keyboard, rhythm machine, or a microphone. This is a great audio interface because it does what an audio interface should be and doesn’t add on useless and crappy DSP effects.

Not anymore, I’m a changed man. If you like the way CDs sound, don’t listen to 96k, it will spoil your ears with silky goodness. PCI Host card with two external color-coded breakout cables.

The UI and drivers that came with the device gave m audio delta 1010lt some trouble. What’s really annoying about it is the fact that the crackle cannot be heard while recording.

M-Audio Delta LT – sound card DELTA LT DELTA LT US | eBay

Here’s the thing, the SNR and dynamic range are quite good m audio delta 1010lt this Delta — around dB — or in that range, if memory serves. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. We usually record three to four stereo tracks at once, no problems at all.

And it’s hard to read the labels on each cable. Confused by this I rang up M-Audio for answers.

M-Audio Delta LT PCI Digital Audio Computer Interface | Musician’s Friend

That is, if you can get the drivers to work properly for you [drivers for Windows XP work flawlessly. I’ve only got m audio delta 1010lt couple qualms with it. It has a good low latency for monitoring, many inputs so Audoo could record a small drum kit with some pretty good results.

Every now and again, I’ll record a great track, only to play it back and hear crackle all through it. Any Condition Any Condition. There were initially some driver issues with bit and bit Windows 7, but I think M-Audio has worked out most of the m audio delta 1010lt now].

You’ll learn more by just playing with auddio card. I’ve had this for about a month.

This is a clean, powerful card. Log in Become a member.

I just hope I can figure the dang thing out enough to use it properly. Most Liked Negative Review.

M-Audio Delta 1010LT

This card is pretty darn good and definitely the best value as others have noted, but I think one thing needs to be said. I got my Delta over ten years ago when I was still in high school and I still use it as my main pro audio sound card because m audio delta 1010lt surprisingly well supported. But of course it’s a hassle to ship your unit off and wait to get it back. See all my reviews. If you have your volume up, it can scare the you-know-what out of you.

To be fair I’m not aware of any laptop that could m audio delta 1010lt this card but maybe there is one?