Darren 1 year ago. James Rush 1 year ago. She eventually realised that i HAD to have this golf club. How about comparing a 5 year old driver next? BUT the M1 is designed for fine tuning so dispersion should be easily dialed in. The gain was worth the cost for me.

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How about comparing a 5 year old driver next? Taylor made r7 super quad need to use the same shaft right down to the CPM better yet use the exact same shaft for both heads the technology in carbon fiber and graphite literally improve every few months. Those types of holes construct a very small precentage of any given golf full length, or championship golf course set up. I was not thinking of any old shaft but one made for maximum performance at that length.

Shortside 1 year ago. TaylorMade R7 Superquad That could explain some of the difference in ball speed and dispersion.

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

John Schwerdt 1 year ago. You put both 12g weights forward so of course it launched lower. I recently decided to look at some new club technology.

Mild marks; a f The gain was worth taylor made r7 super quad cost for me. At the time, my I was struggling mightily with my swing, and that was a 20 handicap swing when it was working.

Consistency was a major problem and this sjper has given me the consistency, accuracy and length I was looking for. Do some research at Golf Shaft Review. Even rpm results in only 2 more yards loss That would say that we should be launching qkad ball higher and taylor made r7 super quad worry about spin about rpm with mph ball speed since no launch angles lower than 19, at any spin result, in more carry.

I for one no longer see any justification in buying new drivers. I digress; seeing the M1 vs R7 SQ data was very cool, both great clubs. I understand the taylor made r7 super quad that 14 yards is an important improvement and means an iron shorter for the second shot.

The odd yard increase from one model to the next is just quwd worth it.

D 5 out of 5 super quad 28 March By oldlad baught this club to replace rti. Love this kind of test, because no one else has the stones to do it! Bob Pegram 1 year ago. Wow what a Club!

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad – The Inside Scoop

The three key variables are ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. Short game far more important! BUT the M1 is designed for fine tuning so dispersion should be easily dialed in.

Collin Campbell 1 year ago. These irons are exclusively for the higher HC player in mind to give them as much help as they can. Certainly interesting to dig a little big deeper.

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After doing our due diligence and research on how to perform this test it was agreed this protocol was best. Harold W 1 year ago. Rr7 Prasanna Das 1 year ago. John Templet 1 year ago. TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver 9. Tony Covey 1 year ago.