Bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen or motherboard. Stu April 19, Lots of usefull info. My compliments for the disassemble guide! Have you tried cleaning them with compressed air? See PJ for the 90 watt version. Gus, Correction — actually I need the flat ribbon cable connecting the power button board with the motherboard.

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Service manuals for Sony Vaio

They said it could be a driver issue. If the search function, to the right, does not return any sony pcg-k33 please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. A friend said that Sony pcg-k33 needed to replace the disk.

Karen November 28, Michael, I would check RAM modules. It looks to be in fairly decent shape with no signs of damage to the shell. I know this is on my end because all of my friends have no sony pcg-k33 with their contacts. YARA July 26, Can you test your laptop sony pcg-k33 an external monitor and find out if external video still works?

The keyboard on my Toshiba satellite the exact siny one as is pictured above has been broken forever, and this guide helped me fix it. Could anyone suggest me what might be wrong sony pcg-k33 the laptop? Usually the screen is not totally white. The slot where the memory stick goes has a crack in it.

sony pcg-k33

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

Looks sony pcg-k33 a stuck ; key. Kathleen January 13, The machine will not run on battery it is completely dead. This guide was awesome!

Bob B June 2, All service manuals are in PDF format and you can download them using below mentioned links. I managed to hurt a couple of keys on my Toshiba Satellite LS I ordered a keyboard and did a search.

We have more than The progress sony pcg-k33 went wonky again. I did somes tests with somes live-CD. Ashlee Grainger August 24, Thanks a lot for these manuals i need 1 for my FJ, and thanks to your pc-k33 i am able to fix it!

This page is long but sony pcg-k33 can scroll down to view images of our products! Celeron DualCore E 2. Laurie August 16, Thank you very much. It is not an overheating issue as Sony pcg-k33 have cleaned it prior to this issue starting.

Removing and replacing keyboard | Laptop Repair

I realy need its sonu manual badly. What should I do? Take a look at ebay listings. Also which gb Harddrive would be sony pcg-k33 for my model?

Is it possible that the cable is getting squished in the sony pcg-k33. It seems like imscrewed…. Silviu April 4, The cpu is soldered onto the underside of the cooling fan.

Can someone point sony pcg-k33 to a service manula for that 17 inch laptop? After that just follow instructions on the screen.