The warranty is still valid because like I said earlier the laptop is only about a month old. There are two of these cables attached to two different boards on the laptop. This time, the CSR said that the wireless card, battery issue and scratched top panel would be repaired for free with a 3 month warranty on the repairs. You could also just phone HP and see what they have to say. Just remember to back up everything before you send it off, as they may restore your laptop to factory condition. Personally, I think a good lawsuit is in order and long overdue. Aside from the faulty motherboard and battery, there is also a faulty hinge.

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Eventually, I was able presario v600 get it to start back presario v600 again, and was able to grab all my information off of the presari. I bought a DV just after Christmas Is there anyway that u can help me with that, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And although my warrante is not covered anymore, they are providing a one time free repair service.

I bought one HP CA in Vancouver, so now that had start a especific problem like that issues above…. I presario v600 HP sucks, they stole my money!! Have presario v600 tried updated the graphics card driver? Thanks for your help!

BUt after i restart it it was fine. What else could be wrong? To do a full system recovery, presario v600 hit the F10 key while booting.

I have here 2 laptop computers with 1 long beep presario v600 2 short beep error. Has anyone had issues with keyboard skipping letters? Immediately back-up your data and replace your presario v600 disk drive, A failure may be imminent.

When I told him about the refund, he said that it was not an option since HP had already presario v600 the original laptop albeit with a faulty laptop! Called HP, raised a little hell, but they flat refuse to repair it. So frustrated here for presario v600 spent hard earned money on such a piece of junk. The notebook had an identical system board put in place for the defective system board… the drivers were the exact same as the previous drivers, and the BIOS was the same version.

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In fact, I got it back and the computer operates OK except the wireless issue. No noise no nothing. All in all though, i must say, I have presario v600 NO problems with mine at all. Mention the Extended Enhancement warranty as I stated because at first you might get someone presario v600 I got a few emails with no help until I mentioned it and they prfsario me a number to ring….

I also tried to send these machines to pressario HP and they told me to its better presario v600 buy new ones than replace the MO of this units. I presario v600 HP and stated that I was having the problem, presario v600 stated for me to backup my pc and they will send in the materials to ship it back. I ran some diagnostic tests at work and found that the system board had failed.

They claim that they put in a new presario v600 as this presario v600 presarii is supposed to be the issue with these computers, but they never reformatted the hard drive and did not reset it back to the factory settings. All HP software available for your model with Vista is available here.

The sound being lost, the start buttons not presario v600 and the wireless adapters not being detected. Model is DV series. She had presario v600 having the symptoms for over year, but the computer continued to work.

I am in no doubt fighting HP about this, and they will replace this if I have anything to say about it.

Press the Power button to turn on the computer. Two weeks ago the LCD on presario v600 laptop stopped working, Coincidentally it was the day i bought a new monitor, The backlight of the LCD turns on i just get no picture.

Any tips before I do? Mine is a V VUS and its wireless presario v600 a few months ago. Compare this with Win 98 presario v600 there were NONE unless you had an antivirus doing scans and you had b600 it up!

Is there anything else I can do or do I have to just contact HP and send them my laptop so they can fix it? My dv has been in for presario v600 heat ac, system board ,lcd and other things at this point Presario v600 send me a presraio dv7 as a replacement. It had 2 memory mini dumps the other day and then a warning that my display drivers had to restart?