GOing to get the miniDV tapes onto hard drive and then put this in closet to never use it again! HI I am technician fro greece the solution for problem c: Can’t get this stupid hunk of junk to do anything. Push down the “top” of the tape tray and it should close, if not, re-apply the power to the motor to move the tray in a bit more until the top closes and stays shut. Anne Tue, 29 Dec The whirring and the sounding continues, but it’s totally opposite now. James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar

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I hit the top of the camera times on the counter and low and behold the tape descended back in to the camera. The little battery, by the way, is inside by the lense. Are-Harald Brenne Wed, 13 Apr It was the guy who posted before that post called Jack Tue, 25 Nov Bill Bushing Sat, 28 Aug They can’t actually confirm that it IS broken or see any broken parts but their suggestion is to simply replace the entire door sony handycam dcr hc48. Tape is pretty much done as a format so at least whatever issues crop up in the next cameras will require a sony handycam dcr hc48 tactic from the planned obsolescence committee over at Sony.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I used to love her, but I handyycam to sony handycam dcr hc48 her Last year around this time, I had a problem with my camcorder. But I was getting ready to bin it anyway so what the hell. The first time I made contact, the door closed using the external battery.

This time it DID!!!! Tony Sat, 27 Aug I have an hdr-hc3 and found the reset button. However, my question is: Zak Sun, 31 Jul I have been on my kids for years about not banging up the camera, but it is the only thing that worked. I was recording some races and had to switch my tape. I switched the camera on and all seemed fine. Was wondering if someone with a HDR-HC3 would not mind looking inside their unit and see where this sony handycam dcr hc48 might have come from.

Loris Wed, 23 Feb So Dave’s method of putting power to the motor itself worked for sony handycam dcr hc48 James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar I hate Sony and before i buy again something from Sony, i will bite scr in my balls.

First off thanks to whoever suggested smacking the hell out of it. Thanks to Dave, Constantine and Curt for your write ups on how to fix this issue. Connect the sony handycam dcr hc48 cable to the camera with the camera still in the ON position Putting battery in should work as well 6.

And you do not need to remove any screws, you would probably make things hard for yourself. I have read previous posts about the secondary slim battery, but not sure if this camera has one. I used 2x AA batteries tried 1 battery. Before that, I had tried – to no avial – just about everything else ruining a tape in the processexcept where they started talking about probes and voltage and electric tape.

Markus Tue, 12 Jul Well, someone wanted to use a sony handycam dcr hc48 WITH a tape to record.

Cathy Tue, 16 Aug Tape ejected fine but now the door has been stuck open for weeks. I was about to chuck it and this works!



Read through this sony handycam dcr hc48 trying solutions as I went. Mark Khan Sun, 04 Jul I red these messages, and the battery trick worked sony handycam dcr hc48 All I had to do was remove the battery, then hook up the power cord and re-insert the battery.

I was disasembling the camera after trying hitting, batery out Couldn’t get a tape out so followed the instructions elsewhere on this site and successfully ejected the hadnycam. Only here I found “Chuck’s method, and after crossing my heart and saying uc48 to the camcorder I administered “treatment”.

I’m reposting this comment because it worked. Sony camcorder repair Panasonic camcorder repair Canon camcorder repair Jvc Camcorder repair.

But on the next trial same shit again.