This is clearly one of those “more the merrier” portions of your tool collection. Read Full Review See it at: Craftsman 41 Piece Screwdriver Set If you want to make sure you have a complete screwdriver set, take a good look at this 41 piece set from Craftsman. Ball detents are in the handle for a single-ended bit and in the bit for a double-ended one. So, you end up using a smaller screwdriver, which doesn’t have as wide a blade.

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Most ratcheting screwdrivers use magnetic bit holders which makes the screwdriver bit itself magnetic. The key to any screwdriver is quality metal, properly ground and hardened.

Best Flat Head Screwdriver: Greenlee INS 2″ x 4″ Insulated Screwdriver Channellock 131cb 13 in 1 multi bit ratcheting phillips screwdriver from Greenlee is fully insulated for working on electrical equipment. Read Full Review See it at: Channellock isn’t trying to impress anyone ratchrting the whistles and bells on this screwdriver, just the quality. Your best bet is usually to buy a large set with as many different sizes as possible, especially the tamper-resistant bits.

This multi-bit driver is rather unique. SK Keystone Slotted Cushion Grip Screwdriver – SK Tools offers a particularly nice handle on their screwdrivers, making it out of two different hardened materials.

Styles of screws and the jobs they are used on appear in so many different places that it’s impossible to meet all your possible needs with just a few standard channellock 131cb 13 in 1 multi bit ratcheting. Finally, the design of the handle is important, as it should be both comfortable to work with and provides a positive grip. With all the new types of screw head designs that have come out in the last few years, it’s all but impossible to have every type of screwdriver out racheting in your collection.

The main advantage that Phillips heads have over straight head is the positive contact between the screw head and the screwdriver bit.

Since the tip is the most easily damaged part, channellock 131cb 13 in 1 multi bit ratcheting it separate ensures that the tool always has a good bit on it. These often have to be bought in sets, unless you are buying a quantity of a particular size, such as they would use in a factory. I’ve always been a ratchetinng fan of work lights on tools. The following lists cover all of the basics and a few specialty drivers that I think need a place in your shop. You can’t look at the best hand tools, without looking at Snap-On, a manufacturer known for their high quality equipment.

The 4 inch length is most common, but a slightly longer screwdriver, such as an 8 inch actually makes it easier to work without having to bend your back as much. What that gives you is a screwdriver that won’t fit in the slot of the screw. Screwdriver lengths can vary as well. Best Phillips Head Screwdriver: There are two basic ways channellock 131cb 13 in 1 multi bit ratcheting holding a bit into a multi-bit screwdriver, either by using a magnet or a ball detent. Those are the most common sizes used, so it makes sense that people would think of them first.

It’s literally worth buying just for that. Klein Tools No. They’ve also put a hex bolser molded to the shaft, providing a place to grab it with a wrench or pair of pliers raatcheting increase your torque. High quality steel will last longer and retain its shape, without turning into an ice pick.

These channllock come in a variety of lengths, ranging from stubby 1 inch channellock 131cb 13 in 1 multi bit ratcheting for tight spaces to screwdrivers with shafts that are almost 2 feet long.

I think that Matco might have the nicest screwdriver handle on the market.

Best Screwdriver – Reviews of Basic and Specialty Screwdrivers

When we talk about a screwdriver set, most refer to just flat blade and Phillips head screwdrivers. Compared to the standard flat blade and Phillips head screwdrivers, ratcheting screwdrivers are a little newer on the market. I particularly like this one with a five-position adjustable handle.

Snap-On not only provides high quality, but also some very unique tools.

These screwdrivers come in a variety of configurations, but they all have their ratcheting mechanism in common. Matco has a channellock 131cb 13 in 1 multi bit ratcheting nice right angle ratcheting screwdriver. All the screwdrivers ratchetingg this set are magnetized, helping to prevent loss of screws.

That refers to the design of the tip, which widens out a bit before getting to the main part of the shank, in a keystone shape. This one has six precision screwdrivers, which are normally not sold in these sets. Pretty much any screwdriver handle will work, but the better designed ones provide a superior grip and comfort for your hand.

Best Screwdriver

Like any tool, it’s worth spending money on quality screwdrivers. For this reason, I’m glad there are multi-bit screwdrivers.

Screwdrivers are one of the prime examples of that. Like channellocck screwdriver, the quality of the materials used is of upmost importance. Or, maybe I should say that they never left this design, while others have come and gone.

Phillips head screws have taken over as the main type of screws used in construction, automotive and manufacturing.