Engine Connection Failure Adjustment Item List To start printing, press the Start key. Indicates that recycled paper is selected. The density level is manually adjusted.

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Page 6 Appendix Control Panel Main unit 2. Page 82 Printer driver settings ineo Faulty Atdc Sensor Page 45 The Drum should be replaced.

Adf Cooling Fan Failure When instructed to do so, connect the machine to your computer with a USB cable. The right-hand pirnter of the double-page spread original is copied first. This symbol indicates transition of the Control Panel to access a desired menu item. The erase width varies develop ineo 161 printer to the zoom ratio setting.

Develop ineo 164 User Manual

Drum ineo Place the original face down on the Original Glass. Adjust the quality of the scanned image.

You may not rent, lease, sublicense, lend or transfer versions or copies of the Software Licensee does not use, or Software contained on any unused media, except as part of the permanent transfer of all Software and Documentation as described develop ineo 161 printer. Load paper of the same size as the original.

Periodically Uneven Image Concept Of Parts Life Develop ineo 161 printer Setting] Erases the upper side of the original. Table Of Contents Control Panel It can be specified when Nin1 is specified for [Com- bination]. Image Quality Problem Ph writing Section Uneven Image Density Fusing Unit Section Precaution on transportation Assign two or more persons who should position their hands at the portions shown when moving the ma- chine.

Setting In The Service Mode Develop ineo 161 printer acronym for Universal Serial Bus. Dette en halvleder laser.

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Faulty Scanner Imeo Position Sensor Fusing Section Cooling Mechanism develop ineo 161 printer The print data waits in a queue for printing.

Pc Drum Charging The reproduced image is lighter when the density is set to side and darker when the density is set to side. Clearing paper jams at the exit section Slowly pull out the paper.

Paper storage Store paper in a cool, dark location with little humidity.

Develop ineo Manuals

Sleep mode If print data is received while the machine is in the Sleep mode, the mode is canceled. Indicates that recycled paper is selected. You are trying to configure the Check develop ineo 161 printer the functions you “unable to devellp or “func- functions that cannot be com- have specified, then specify the tion will be canceled” appears.

Configure functions inneo settings of the machine. Preparations For Firmware Rewriting Recalling copy program Recall the program registered. Image Transfer Process step 4 develop ineo 161 printer If [Auto] is selected, the paper tray with paper of the size selected in [Orig- inal Size] is used.

Dust devrlop accumulates be- tween the plug terminals may cause develop ineo 161 printer fire. This function can be selected when the optional Bypass Tray is installed on the machine. Click this button to save current settings so that they can be recalled later.

This completes the installation of the scanner driver and printer driver.