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And eco houses and non-stop produce markets. Print, laminate, stick a pin to their back and you have yourself some faction badges. Ou tline Example Mexico http: Also I am trying to up-skill our socio-economically-disadvantaged students in good-ol-academic skills, like literature analysis, essay writing and referencing. This was an important step in the assignment ahead as it helped clarify some of the more obscure rules of the Community.

Quiz on Microsoft Excel. Packet for Voyage of the Mimi 1 http: Part of this involved leading students through the process of writing a comparative text analysis essay, a frequent feature of Year 11 and 12 Senior English. Students then read through and highlight the key words and phrases.

Other Technology Projects found online etc. Of course, I would do any necessary scaffolding depending on the class, such as showing how to structure paragraphs in a literary essay, how to use quotations etc.

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Presentation Rubric for Grading Purposes. Because of the copious amounts of Aust. Although Year 9s cover similar territory, I felt the focus should be more on exploring bias, differing viewpoints and controversies. T he original worksheets can be found here: Finally, students completed the final assignment: Geography WebQuests for Kids. Slavery Book Choices http: I highly recommend checking out the original blog: The Giver Final Project http: Then students answer the comprehension questions.

The Wyrie Swamp boomerang Just a quick share. Choice Research Paper 5th Grade http: September 11 may be a long time ago for these kids but the War in Afghanistan is very real and recent Christ, just had a thought: I found most are pretty giverr, except in that the film emphasises the role of the Chief Elder much more, creating a stronger villain.

So there we are.

We watched the film, completed a character comprehension check, and then filled in that final column in the comparison tiver. The three I used are:. Skittles Activity what it should look like. Choice Research Paper 4th Grade http: I did it as a bit of fun, but I had toyed with the idea of doing some kind of creative game activity.

K5 Computer Lab This is a site with technology lesson plans for elementary school children. Some documents require Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and these software applications must be installed on your computer to view certain files.

These are useful because they are not locked behind paywalls. When I first started teaching, September 11 was relatively recent and my students knew enough to discuss it in depth. I decided to restrict the choices of the second class I taught to cater for gjver abilities.

They copy these into the second table and explain them. The Giver packet http: The Wind in the Worksheets Packet http: Life Lessons What can we learn about ourselves and our world from this novel?

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Students rank adjectives according to strength in one and then colour according to negative and positive connotation on the other. Car Data and Car Template use for projects possibly grades Fast food graph and Fast food worksheet use for projects possibly grades I taught Year 8 History in South East SA for many years and had the pleasure to work with several members of the Boandik people from the area in delivering a cultural studies program.

Setting up a Yahoo E-mail account. Every person in our society has the opportunity to be successful … if they just work hard enough!


The Giver Is this some old movie, Miss? I used the same rubric as for the Hunger Games assignment: Shopping Spree use for projects possibly grades Why is it in black and white. Australian students cover first contact, exploration, settlement, convicts and the Gold Rush in primary school years from Year 4 onwards. We covered a few concepts first: